Worth Fighting For!

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2021

As October ends, we face the stark reality that our year is about to conclude. For those in the mortgage and real estate world, it means there are about 30 days to generate an opportunity and close a deal that will count for you production and income in 2021. The calendar waits for no one! So, we must choose, and it is a choice, what opportunities do we need to generate to take advantage of the time we have left, as well as what are the actions, we need to take to make it happen?

  • What are your options and what are the choices?
  • Who are you targeting and what is the message?
  • What are the actions and activities associated with my needs?
  • What does the social and professional calendar look like?
  • What will my schedule need to be to get it done?
  • What is a winning result?

You can win the year with a great November. You can establish the momentum you need to carry you through December and into 2022 by working your plan in November.

There are many strategies you can employ, this year the only modification is around the “Black Friday Sale” given how quickly homes are selling, that we use it more as video coupon, listing generator, and social media event than the normal movement of inventory before the end of the year, but all the other elements are still very effective. 

So, create your action plan and connect it to your countdown clock messaging. How many days left do you have this year to take in a new deal and close it by December 31st? How are you going to share this message? For each of you the specific date may differ, but the message doesn’t; time to get deals done for 2021 is soon to expire; whatcha gonna do? Each opportunity and relationship are “Worth Fighting For” because you never know where they will lead to in the future!

Questions and comments: Mike @IMTcoaching.com


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