Wrapping up the year & the presents!

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2022

We are less than three weeks away from 2023 and many of us are putting the final touches on loans that are closing in these last few days of 2022. Never a better time to be in the mortgage industry than this time of year. We can all be grateful for the vast opportunities to serve our communities and help others reach their dreams that may not have otherwise been possible if a kind, caring, and knowledgeable person didn’t take the time to help someone take those last few steps to the promised land of homeownership. I love that feeling!

There are also those in our industry that have gone out of their way to help people this holiday season that aren’t likely to be homeowners any time soon, or maybe already have a home, but are struggling to provide the type of holiday that they would wish they could give to their children but have all to do to keep the house warm and the lights on. Still others, that won’t have a warm place to stay or hopes of anything positive to celebrate this time of year.

To the originators, managers, and company owners that I have helped over the years, I am proud to see so many of you working hard to help those in need of a hand. I am proud of those working to provide food for their local food pantry. I am proud of those who are serving those at soup kitchens and shelters. I am proud of those who have taken their time to raise the money, put in the effort, and have given of themselves to help make sure service members overseas are not forgotten. That thousands of children across this country would have a present under a tree and a nice holiday meal. Those that have made sure that TONS of food were collected and distributed to those who needed it most, and that children in hospitals got to see Santa. As well as those that visited elder care facilities and spent time singing and sharing with those who may not have a family member close by, or to those that have supported a local animal shelter or worked with a local animal hospital to raise money for procedures that pets require, that their owners are unable to afford. Those are the ones I am most proud of. It’s what I am most proud of as a coach and mentor. It’s what I feel best about when I think of our industry this time of year. There are still many in need of just a little help. There is also time to do just a little something each day to make the end of this year special for someone else that might just need a little something that you can offer.

Do something today, that helps improve someone else’s tomorrow! Mike


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